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Penn State Net Impact

Penn State Net Impact works to raise awareness about corporate social responsibility with all Smeal stakeholders and provide members with necessary tools to embrace and create change.

Penn State Net Impact

Through speakers, workshops, field trips, panels, and discussion meetings, PSNI focuses on a collaborative learning environment where all members help educate each other. The role of the Board of Officers is to facilitate this learning and cultivate relationships with professionals and organizations in the business world. We discuss topics related to social entrepreneurship, socially responsible investing, sustainable supply chains, sustainable growth and development, corporate citizenship, social marketing, green building, and community economic development.

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Officer Bios

MBA Class of 2015 student Jennifer SchweighauserJennifer Schweighauser, President

Jenn Schweighauser is a graduate of Penn State University. After 3 years in the non-profit industry in State College, PA, she returned to her alma mater for an MBA. She is concentrating in Marketing and Supply Chain Management. In her free time, she enjoys doing anything outdoors, going to concerts, and traveling. . Email:

MBA Class of 2015 student David DeFeliceDavid DeFelice, VP

David is the VP of Corporate and Alumni Relations. His primary goal is to help connect fellow students with careers and causes they are passionate about. Achieving this aim requires ensuring students have exposure to thought leaders in diverse fields and have the opportunity to make meaningful connections through carefully designed programming. Feel free to approach him with any ideas!

 Prior to MBA school, David worked for Bristol-Myers Squibb in procurement and for a small tech company, KCF Technologies, in marketing and sales. He enjoys all things outdoors and is obsessed with traveling. His dream is to climb mount Everest, but he will most likely end up settling for mount Nittany. In MBA school, David is studying Supply Chain and Finance, with the goal of making large supply chains more sustainable. He is also working on the LEED certification project for the Business Building—let him know if you are interested in being a part of that! Email:

Portrait of Edward LooperEddie Looper, VP

Eddie Looper is a former Special Education teacher from the great state of Texas. He enjoys time with his wife, his dogs and his friends. He is concentrating in Marketing and Supply Chain, and hopes to pursue a career in Marketing Leadership. His interests in Sustainability are focused on the impact companies have on the communities where they operate. He hopes to use his influence to encourage those around him to give back to the people around them. E-mail:

MBA Class of 2015 student Timothy SanduskyTim Sandusky, VP

Tim Sandusky is Vice President of Finance. Prior to joining Smeal, he worked for three years at a Washington D.C. non-profit consultancy helping companies, government agencies, and NGOs tackle environmental, natural resource, and health problems. 

 Tim was drawn to Smeal for its small class size, alumni network, commitment to sustainability, and State College's outdoor amenities. He is concentrating in Finance and Marketing, seeking ways for business to thrive by addressing sustainability and social issues. Email:


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