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Name Tag Replacement Process

The MBA Program will provide you with one magnetic name tag when you arrive on campus for orientation. However, the program will not provide you with an additional name tag or a replacement should something happen to your initial tag.

If you need to order another name tag, you need to contact the engraver yourself and pay for it out of your personal funds. The tags usually run around $5 each. To order a tag, contact Ryder Engraving at The contact person is Jill, but if someone else responds, please feel free to work with them. Inform them that you want the same name tag as the Penn State Smeal MBA Program. Also, please let them know that you want it done with the new logo, and would like a magnet included with the name tag (magnets are sold separately). If you should need the name tag by a certain date, please be sure to include that in the email to Ryder. You will want to include your shipping information as well. Please note that the name tag should have the following information:

Student Name
MBA Class of 20XX

Ryder will take care of the rest of the information. Keep in mind that shipping is charged; you may want to consider contacting your classmates when ordering to see if anyone else needs a new name tag in order to save on shipping costs. Please let the program know if you should have any questions.