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Estimated Expenses

Estimated Expenses for the 2018-2019 School Year

 *Please note that the rates below are estimated off of the 2017-2018 academic year.  New tuition rates for the 2018-2019 school year are forthcoming and should be available in July.

Estimated Expenses
ExpensesIn-StateOut of State or International
Tuition (Estimate per academic year) $25,430 $40,874
Fees (Estimated per academic year)
Information Technology fee - $252/semester
Student Fee - $258/semester

$1,020 $1,020

International Student Fee (International students only)

Orientation Fees
Incurred fall semester first year.
$170 $170
Communications Course
Incurred fall and spring semesters first year.
$30 $30
Room, Board, and Personal Expenses (Estimated per academic year) $17,400 $17,400
Laptop Computer (Estimated per academic year) $1,300-2,200 $1,300-2,200
Books and Course Packets (Estimated per academic year) $2,200-2,500 $2,200-2,500
Global Immersion (Required week-long international business trip) Incurred in the spring of the second year. $1,850  (one year only) $1,850  (one year only)
Health Insurance (required for international students)
Incurment of fees varies depending on each situation.

$3,418 for students without graduate fellowships

$683.60 for students with graduate fellowships
$3,418 for students without graduate fellowships

$683.60 for students with graduate fellowships
Student Association Memberships
*While optional, highly recommended
The opportunities that come from joining the associations serve you well in your time in the MBA Program and well beyond.
MBA Association - $300 (Lifetime Membership)

Other Student Associations - $30-$50 per association

Possible Additional Expenses

The following list, while not comprehensive, is an attempt to provide some insight into additional expenses that you may incur. All expenses may not be applicable to everyone.

Additional Expenses
Apartment Security Deposit Varies - usually 1 month rent
Renter's insurance ~$100/year
Bus Pass $309/4 month (some apartment complexes provide free bus service as part of rental)
On-Campus Parking
Visit the Parking Office website
Football Tickets $218