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Local Area Information and Resources

Moving to a new area can be stressful. In order to make it as easy as possible, please use the following resources for everything from banking options to area health clubs.

  • Banking - There are a number of banks in State College, including a PSU credit union available to graduate students.
  • Child Care - For those needing child care in the time you are in State College, there are a variety of daycare options.  Additionally, the Penn State Office of Human Resources provides child care subsidy funds to qualifying student parents. More information on the subsidy is available on the Office of Human Resources webpage. Questions and detailed information about the program can be directed to subsidy@psu.edu.
  • Health Clubs - Numerous on- and off-campus facilities abound in the region and many offer student discounts.
  • Local Newspaper - The Centre Daily Times, the State College Area's local newspaper.
  • Student Newspaper - The Daily Collegian, Penn State University's Student-Run Newspaper.
  • Recreation, Arts, & Entertainment - There are a wide variety of opportunities and venues of which to take advantage when you are looking for something to do outside the business school.  This section offers a purview of the many offerings within the region. 
  • Resource Guide - A general guide to businesses and services that are frequented by MBA Students.
  • Weather - Experts describe the weather in State College as moderate, generally not reaching extremes of temperature or precipitation, though there are those exceptional storms or the occasional cold snap or hot spell. Temperatures on a typical day in January will range from freezing to the low 20s (F), while late July temperatures range from the low 80s to the low 60s. Yearly average precipitation is 38 inches, including a total average snow accumulation of 45 inches.