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Course and Registration Information

Course Registration

The MBA office will register you for all of your core courses throughout the program.  Students are responsible for enrolling themselves in their desired electives courses.

To ensure that you are eligible for enrollment each semester, you must complete the Financial Responsibility Agreement (FRA) in LionPath.  This can typically be found in your student account in February/March for the fall semesters, and September/October for the spring semesters.  Until you complete the FRA, you will not be permitted to enroll in courses.

Please also check your student account periodically for holds.  These are placed on students' accounts by a department when they have failed to meet a university requirement or owe money.  If you have a hold on your account, you will not be permitted to register for courses.

Course Materials

Course Materials for MBA Core Courses vary by faculty members.  Some will have required textbooks; others will not have any textbook requirement.  Often times faculty create course packets which are made available through the local bookstores.   The course packets are typically available a few days before classes begin. 

Using the course list below you can search the Penn State Bookstore's website for the textbooks that are currently assigned to your courses. Keep in mind that faculty members can order textbooks for their courses throughout the summer, so be sure to check back over  for the most up-to-date information.  Upon your arrival on campus, you can visit the Penn State Bookstore for a comprehensive list of textbooks and course materials required. 

Additionally, for those students who prefer eBooks, Inkling.com is a free textbook app that allows students to purchase either full textbooks or individual chapters for their courses. Features of this platform include a free chapter of each textbook, content that never expires, and full annotation abilities that sync between devices.

Core Courses by Module

The MBA Program Office will register you for the appropriate core courses during your time in the program.  Registration for Fall 2018 will occur in May; however, for your reference the list of core courses that you will take in the program are listed below.  

Week 1: Concentration Week

  • Each day of the first week is a faculty-led seminar with content highlights of each primary concentration. 

Fall: Module I

  • BA 817 – Section 001 - Leadership Communications
  • BA 801 – Section 101 - Management
  • BA 811 – Section 101 - Financial Accounting
  • BA 815 – Section 101 - Business Statistics
  • BA 802 – Section 101 - Team Process and Performance

Fall: Module II

  • BA 817 – Section 001 - Leadership Communications
  • BA 800 – Section 201 - Marketing Management
  • BA 533 – Section 201 - Economics for Managers
  • BA 831 – Section 201 - Intro to Finance

Spring: Module III

  • BA 817 – Section 002 - Leadership Communications
  • BA 810 – Section 101 - Supply Chain Operations
  • BA 512 - Section 101 - Risk and Decisions Analytics
  • BA 571 - Section 101 - Strategic Management

Global Business Environment Intensive

  • BA 832 - Section 101 - Explore global economic issues including economic integration, exchange rate fluctuations, and global economic growth.

Spring: Module IV

  • BA 817 – Section 002 - Communications
  • BA 821 - Section 201 - Managerial Accounting
  • Primary Concentration Electives (2)

Fall Module V - Negotiations Immersion

  • BA 505 - Section 101 - Negotiation Theory and Skills

Spring: Module VII

  • BA 835 - Section 102 - Global Perspectives
  • BA 804 - Section 102 - Ethical Leadership

Global Immersion Week

  • BA 836 - Section 101 - Global Immersion