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What to Pack

Preparing to spend two years in an MBA program can be a challenge. This list has been designed to give you a sense of what you will need as you go through the program.

Business Attire

Check out our What to Wear section for types of clothing you will need for business professional and business casual.

Keep in mind that stores that offer professional clothing options are limited in the State College area. You may want to purchase any necessary items prior to your arrival.

Winter Attire

View our Winter Attire Requirements page for ideas on preparing your wardrobe for the colder months in State College.

Your Smeal MBA Padfolio

You will find that the padfolio is a necessity while interviewing for internships and full-time positions.

Important Identifying Documentation

  • International Students should remember to bring their passport, I-20 or DS-2019, money and other valuables.
  • Domestic students should bring a driver's license and passport. Domestic Students who do not own a passport should bring a birth certificate as you will need to apply for and receive a passport for Global Immersion.

Immunization Records

Penn State requires that all students either bring records of prior immunizations or obtain the necessary immunizations during their first semester. Immunization requirements differ between international and domestic students - please view the Health Services web page for more detailed information.

    Documents for Students on Provisional 2 Status

    You may have received notification from either the Graduate School or the MBA Admissions Office that you are currently on a Provisional 2 status until the Graduate School receives official confirmation of your baccalaureate degree or post-secondary degree. While you have submitted your transcripts during the application process, it many not meet the specific requirements of the Graduate School.

    If you are on Provisional 2 status, as you are preparing to arrive please remember to bring one of the following:

    • An official transcript showing the degree awarded and the date of its conferral (this must be a specific date with a month, day, and year)
    • Your original diploma