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It seems like the summer has flown by and we are once again gearing up for the school year and career development activities.  In the career office, this means that we are brainstorming the best methods for helping 1st and 2nd year students to get engaged and strategic about their job/internship searches.  As you approach the new school year, it is our hope that you get an early start on your employment planning, which entails systematically setting your goals, preparing your documents, and developing your networking and interviewing skills.   Early preparation and practice are critical for a successful launch, which then needs to be followed by thoughtful and consistent execution.    We believe that regular and strategic career coaching is an essential component to this process, but it’s only effective when students are in action mode and stay committed to their plans.   In 220, we use the analogy of the fitness trainer at the gym to explain our role as career coaches.   We will provide you with the tools and techniques and show you the way to meet your goals, but in the end, you have to do the heavy lifting.   Consider the career exchange and career blog as a place to find some of those tools.

Our Career Exchange

This section of the MBA Exchange is geared to give the student up-to-date information, news and events coming out of the Career Coaching and Corporate Relations office. The site provides tools for guiding you through your career development process.  Some are designed to be educational and exploratory, while others provide “nuts & bolts” methodologies for a successful job search.   You will want to stay engaged with this careers site for ongoing assistance and new and updated information.