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Career Services Roles and Activities

There are many activities that are a normal part of the assistance Career Services provides. These activities range from workshops to one-on-one counseling sessions to bringing recruiters to campus to connecting you to alumni. Clearly we will not only continue these activities but also do our best to enhance them. So as part of our standard efforts, we will be:

  • Holding one-on-one meetings to assess progress and discuss plans.
  • Collecting data on current employers’ hiring plans.
  • Increasing the use of one-on-one advising meetings, especially for urgent matters such as exploding offers.

Collecting/Analyzing Data

  1. Solicit ideas from current highly experienced Smeal recruiters about how we can help you distinguish yourself in a down job market.
  2. Collect data on industry hiring in previous recessions to determine which industries have done better.
  3. Develop a target list of firms from industries that do better during recessions and from lists of firms that hire the most MBAs.
  4. Generate a list of all library resources that can help with company lists and contacts, industry and firm information, and other how-to resources.

Networking/Informational Events

  1. Create a panel discussion for students with experienced recruiters.
  2. Implement a program to match younger alumni to current students.
  3. Create teleconference & videoconferences with alumni from firms of special interest or firms that are not coming to campus; student interest is being solicited for suggestions.
  4. Collaborate with student associations to sponsor functional panels with recent alumni.
  5. Send bios of each student seeking opportunities to alums; targeting Exec MBA alums, various Smeal Boards, SmealConnect or LinkedIn.
  6. Ask Directors of Research Centers to reach out to member firms for job leads.
  7. Enhance use of SmealConnect.
  8. Communicate plans to Alumni Board; ask Board members to reach out to their mentees.

Workshops and Team Initiatives

  1. Form Job Search Teams starting in January instead of March. Historically, students have derived great value from their participation. [Job Search teams place students in groups to have team mates serve as your personal “Board of Directors” helping each other with job search ideas, feedback, practice, and accountability.]
  2. Implement “Friday practice sessions” on foundational skills such as networking, resume writing, and interviewing.
  3. Create new job workshops:
    • Advanced round interviewing
    • Matching your network to your career goals
    • Innovative job search strategies from students
    • Model interviews with second years
    • Panel with second years on challenges
    • Use of networking sites and technology
    • Making cold calls
    • Influence skills
    • Selling skills
    • Alternative career paths
  4. Ask International Student Services to deliver a workshop on hiring international students; ask attorney to accompany, or have separate session with attorney.
  5. Collaborate with MBAA for targeted efforts.