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Immersion Programs

Immersion is a one week experience building opportunity for Smeal MBA Students.

Career Immersion - Fall, First Year MBA Students

October 12-16, 2015

After the first module has been completed, students engage in this week-long experience designed to improve their core career development skills.

Negotiations Immersion - Fall, Second Year MBA Students

October 12-16, 2015

In their second year, students use this course to learn a systematic approach to negotiating. Much of the class revolves around hands-on negotiation skill building. The course is one of the core requirements for every Smeal MBA Student.

Global Immersion - Spring, First-Year MBA Students

February 28-March 4, 2016

Awareness of international business practices and diverse cultures is an integral part of life as an MBA student, both in the classroom and beyond. Global Immersion is a one-week hands-on opportunity for Smeal MBA students to strengthen and deepen their understanding of global business. Each trip affords students a chance to meet with business leaders for a look at the inner-workings of their corporation and how the company operates in the economy of the country.

Leadership Immersion

We are proud to offer a Leadership Immersion, aligning with Smeal’s growing focus on leadership development. This program is designed to enhance the MBA student experience through practical application of leadership, communication, and decision-making. Students may have the opportunity to choose from voluntary trips which include a Leadership Reaction Course, Marine Officer Training at Quantico, and a day with the NYC Fire Department.