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How much is the Global Immersion fee?
$1,700-1,900; NOTE: this fee does not include airfare – you must pay for your flight on your own.
Where does my Global Immersion fee go?
Variable costs for each trip include lodging, meal expenses, cultural activities, and student insurance. Fixed costs include transportation within the country (bus rental is not on a per-student basis), phones, and faculty/staff travel expenses and compensation.
How much is the late drop/late add fee?
$6 - Please note, this is a Penn State fee, not an MBA Administration imposed fee. The cost will be directly charged to your student account.
How do I schedule a team study room?
Team rooms are available on a first come, first serve basis. To schedule a room, you must utilize the Team Room Scheduler located on the Student Exchange.
I lost my name badge - how do I get a new one?
Any student who needs a replacement name badge is responsible for ordering and purchasing the new one. Instructions for doing so are outlined here.
How do I print to the MBA Commons Printer?
Instructions in pdf format can be accessed on the Student Exchange Technology Page.
Who is my academic advisor?
Ann Mallison is the academic advisor for Smeal MBA Students. Stop in 220 to set up an appointment for a degree audit!
Who is the advisor for MBA Student Associations?
Ann Mallison advises all of the MBA Student Associations.
What is the difference between Pre-Commencement and University Commencement?
Pre-Commencement is a personalized ceremony and reception held by the MBA Program for MBA Students and their families only. Speakers for pre-commencement are selected by the graduating MBA Class including a student speaker who is selected from within the graduating class. You do not receive your official degree at Pre-Commencement; however, you do receive a certificate denoting what concentration (s) you have completed. Also, you do not wear a hood or academic regalia at Pre-Commencement. University Commencement is a ceremony held by Penn State where you wear the academic regalia. Your degree will be mailed to you approximately four weeks after University Commencement. Graduating MBA Students who decide to attend University Commencement, will attend the Graduate School ceremony along with all students at University Park Campus who will be graduating with a Master’s Degree.
If my association would like to post a slide to the LCD Boards, who do I contact?
Send Sandy Simler an email with the slide attached. The slide should be in either ppt or jpg format.
Who do I contact if I would like to blog?
Send Susan Winarchick (skf10@psu.edu) an email and she can establish a blog account for you.