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Finance Association

The mission of the MBA Finance Association is to prepare Smeal students for a career in both corporate and investment finance. Careers in finance are related to both the internal perspective of the firm and the external perspective of the markets. The association is designed to give students access to Smeal alumni and current business leaders who can help mentor students with a professional interest in finance. Additionally, the Association provides internal support to students for their professional development efforts in the field of finance.

Past Association events have included; a trip to Omaha to meet Warren Buffett, an annual corporate sponsored golf tournament, networking events and dinners with Fortune 500 companies, and lunch sessions with professors discussing financial impacts of current events.

The group in front of hte Federal Reserve Bank of New York.On February 21, 2014, the MBA Finance Association went on a NYC Roadshow with 23 members.  We learned about the US Central Banking System at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, got to visit the trading floor of the New York Stock Exchange, spoke directly to the President of the Bank of New York Mellon, and saw the closing bell at NASDAQ.

Here’s what the members said were the best part of the trip:

"The coolest part of the trip was being able to go down to the trading floor of the NYSE and talk directly to a Designated Market Maker." Anthony Cheng [2013-2014 Finance Association VP of Treasury], Smeal MBA Class of ‘14

"It's always exciting to visit and learn more about places with such a history behindThe group on the floor of the NYSE Euronext. them, but I have to say that such a friendly meeting with President of BNY Mellon was definitely one of the highlights not only in my MBA but also in my entire life so far." Masoud Ghayoumi [2013-2014 Finance Association VP of Corporate Relations], Smeal MBA Class of ‘14

“The best part for me was becoming a millionaire, even if only for a couple minutes. Deep within the Federal Reserve's vault, I had the opportunity to hold two 30lb gold bars valued at over $500,000 each!”  Jeff Goff, Smeal MBA Class of ‘14

“I was excited to see three different kinds of financial organizations in one day and I loved the feeling of holding a big, big gold bar in my hands.  And this would be one of the most memorable trips in my MBA life.”  Carrie Zhou, Smeal MBA Class of ‘14

“The best thing about this trip was getting to do a “We Are” chant in the middle of the NYSE trading floor, while the Portrait of 2014 Financial Associationmarket was open!  In addition, we interacted with brokers at the NYSE, clicked a picture with the smiling CEO of Capitala, which got listed at NASDAQ right in front of us, and also entered the Federal Reserve gold vault, which houses 25% of the world’s gold! No wonder NYC is such an important financial center of the world and I’m glad I went.” Iqbal Aasim, Smeal MBA Class of ‘14

"I got to hold a $500,000 gold bar at the Fed, talk with market makers on the trading floor of the NYSE, and see the closing bell at the NASDAQ, but the most fun part was spending 18 hours with Alpha Nayete [2013-2014 Finance Association President]. That guy is crazy and so fun!" Andrew Svoboda, Smeal MBA Class of ‘15

“Being on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange was a fascinating experience.  I'm also glad that we had to chance to speak with the President of BNY Mellon and feel very fortunate that she offered her time and gave us a chance to speak with her.  Overall, it was a very exciting trip.” David Eilenberger, Smeal MBA Class of ‘15Portrait of 2014 Financial Association

"My favorite part of the day on Wall Street was talking to Karen Peetz, President of BNY Mellon and Penn State alumnus.  She spoke candidly about the banking industry: how it works, how it has changed and how it can utilize technology to face its most pressing challenges. In addition, our discussion with her on leadership and the skills that we should focus on was eye-opening. Karen emphasized how it takes a lot more than a high IQ to be influential in today's business environment. It's opportunities like these that make the MBA program both unique and invaluable."  Matt Herbert, Smeal MBA Class of ‘15

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