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Penn State Net Impact

Penn State Net Impact

Through speakers, workshops, field trips, panels, and discussion meetings, PSNI focuses on a collaborative learning environment where all members help educate each other. The role of the Board of Officers is to facilitate this learning and cultivate relationships with professionals and organizations in the business world. We discuss topics related to social entrepreneurship, socially responsible investing, sustainable supply chains, sustainable growth and development, corporate citizenship, social marketing, green building, and community economic development.

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Officer Bios

Portrait of Sophia Schuster.Sophia Schuster, President

Sophia Schuster attributes her interest in sustainability to a trip to Bhutan in 2011 during which she studied the local socio-economic and environmental impact of small scale hydroelectric systems. She chose to pursue her MBA at Penn State to better understand how businesses can affect political policy and implement best practices along their supply chain. Her community development background has been a driving force behind her involvement on campus, specifically in serving as President of the MBA Net Impact chapter.

Portrait of Ryan Roach.Ryan Roach, VP of Operations

Ryan Roach earned his B.S. in Industrial Engineering and spent two of his three and a half years of industry experience with an energy management company. Ryan also spent two years in Ghana working as an agriculture volunteer while serving in the Peace Corps. Ryan brings to the team his unique insight into developing nations and a firsthand understanding of grassroots approaches to sustainability through behavior change.

Portrait of Elizabeth Kennedy.Liz Kennedy, VP of Communications

Liz Kennedy is a first year MBA student concentrating in supply chain management. She earned her bachelor’s in accounting from the University of Arkansas. Liz is also a part-time project assistant for the Penn State Sustainability Institute. She is working to start a food hub in State College, Pennsylvania and to recover meals and reduce food waste from the Penn State dining halls. She hopes to use her career to reduce food waste, feed the hungry, and make the food system more sustainable. 

Portrait of Jonathan Capra Calderon.Jonathan Capra Calderon, VP of Finance

Jonathan Capra has been working across industries through a range of IT system implementations, corporate social responsibility programs and culture transitions. As a Change Management Professional, he became highly interested in social impact. He enjoyed working with private companies by helping them find the balance between profits and being socially responsible with employees, the community and the environment.